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Internal Exams

The evaluation of course work is done in two ways. 1) Continuous Internal Examinations (CIE). It is conducted by the college in consultation with the concerned academic departments for 20 marks. MID exams are conducted twice for 20 marks, average of 20 marks are considered. Course coordinators evaluate the students performance through assignments, seminars, group discussion, project reports, quiz, etc. for 5 marks. The course coordinator submits the internal marks for 25 to the principal through HOD and academic Dean. 

Examination coordinator prepares the time table for internal exams, communicated to the students through Principal.

Assessment Strategies: Develop assessment strategies to measure students' progress and achievement of learning objectives. The assessment is of two types. Continuous Internal Assessment (CIA) and Semester End Examination (SEE). CIA is for 25 marks and SEE is for 75 marks. In the CIA process, two MID exams are conducted. Each one is conducted for 20 marks, best is considered. Home assignments, class assignments, quiz, debate, group discussion, seminar presentations, participation in any one NCC/NSS/Sports/cultural is compulsory for all students. University conducts SEE for 75 marks. CIA is 30 marks and SEE is 70 marks for 2023 admitted batch.

Mechanism of Internal Exams

Continuous Internal Assessment (CIA); Paper test (MID Exams) is conducted by the examination cell. Question paper blue print is prepared, reflecting the course outcomes(CO) to map the CO to the Program Outcome (PO). Two exams are conducted in a semester for 20 marks. Best of two tests marks are considered. Observer is appointed by the IQAC. Answer scripts are collected and redistributed to the course coordinators through Head of the Department (HOD). The valued answerscripts are shown to the students and course coordinators take the signatures of the students. If any exam realted greivance is addressed by the course coordinator instantly. Such incidents are recorded by IQAC and submitted to principal to take further action if necessary. Five marks are awarded to the students as a part of continuous evaluation.

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