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Curriculum Planning

Curriculum Planning
The curriculum lays down an educational framework governing the instructional and learning methodologies. Curriculum planning is an essential aspect of effective teaching that establishes the groundwork of students' academic careers. It involves designing, developing, and implementing educational courses with significant input from teachers, including the objectives, content, and assessment methods.
In addition to ensuring that students have sound knowledge of what is expected of them academically, a well-planned curriculum establishes a meaningful and engaging learning environment. An effective curriculum offers teachers, students, management, administrators, and community stakeholders a quantifiable strategy and structure for delivering quality education.
The curriculum specifies the learning outcomes, standards, and competencies students must demonstrate before proceeding to the next level. An evidence-based curriculum provides students with the necessary skills and knowledge, functioning as a road map directing instructors and students to academic success.
It emphasizes cognitive growth domains and social, emotional, and aesthetic development. A student-centered approach to curriculum planning encourages diversification, adaptability, and consistency across levels.
Thoughtful consideration is imperative to accomplish the primary objective of the planning process- successful student learning in an organized and systematic manner. Designing a well-conceived curriculum with learning objectives in mind can serve as a reference guide for the instructor in the classroom while guaranteeing that the teacher effectively conveys the right content to the students.


To achieve these goals, Mrs. A V N College prepares academic calendar, incorporating curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, communicated to students. The course outcomes are thought fully prepared, well stated and displayed i9n the website. At the end of the program, all the HOD's review the course and program attainments. The stakeholder’s feedback is taken in to account while organizing the add-on/certificate courses. All need based and skill enhancement courses are conducted in the college for the holistic development of the students.

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Curriculum Planning
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