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Best Practises

Best Practises

 The college, since its inception, is serving the society in a significant way by providing higher education to first generation learners. This is a distinctive feature of this institution. This institution holds high repute in the field of academics as well as in sports. A large number of students from this college are holding prestigious and distinguished positions. Many of them are serving the society with their significant contribution in the field of administration, public services, education, art and literature, sports, business and entrepreneurship. Keeping pace with the challenging need of the day the college has undergone major paradigm shift in terms of pedagogical methodology, from conventional ways of teaching to ICT enabled teaching. It has successively established smart classrooms, provided with Wi-Fi connectivity and computerized library to encourage effective teaching and learning. During the Covid-19 period the institution has uploaded video lectures, audios lectures, pdfs and reading materials in all subjects for UG and PG students. Cheap nutrition foods are distributed through sponsors on special occasions are many best practices of the college leading to quality sustenance and enhancement.

Best Practice 1: Women’s cell 

Context : Increasing crimes against women in the society has led to the insecurity in the minds of women-Women health

Objective:To express their problems without fear-Create health awareness 

Practice: Women’s cell encourages the girls to express their problems freely without any fear. 

Obstacles faced if any and strategies adopted to overcome: to create awareness, campaigns are held,

 Impact :This created a sense of security among female staff/students. 

Resources required : 5 woman staff members

Best Practice 2. Share the vision - Students morning assembly

context: To provide opportunities to create community spirit among students and teachers. 

Objective: To fill the patriotic spirit among students as well as teachers. 

The practice: Appreciating the students achievements and providing important information. Students are allowed to speak on current issues.

Obstacles faced and strategies adopted to overcome them: students are not coming on time. Motivation in the classroom plays a key role in participating in the assembly. 

Impact of the practice: students discipline and active participation in curricular and extra curricular activities. 

Resources required: Teachers should spare extra time to counsel the students.

Best Practice 3 Plastic free campus

Context : Environmental pollution

Objective: Use of plastic is banned on campus. Paper tea cups, cloth bags are used in the canteen.

Practice: Use of paper tea cups in the college canteen. Campaigning on awareness about ban on plastic usage

Obstacles faced if any and strategies adopted to overcome: Paper bags supplied on special occasions in the neighborhood

Impact : Clean environment

Best Practice 4 Blood Donation camp

Context : Blood bank

Objective: To provide blood through recognized blood banks

Practice: Blood donation camps conducted periodically in the college

Obstacles faced if any and strategies adopted to overcome: Most of the students are not suitable for blood donation. They are given counseling on nutrition intake.

Impact : Awareness is created on fitness

Resources required : Cheap nutrition foods are distributed through sponsors on special occasions

Best Practice 5. Helping Hands - Human Values


Context : Human values

Objective: To help others

Practice: Faculty and students are visiting to orphanage homes on their birthdays to distribute some needy items and food 

Obstacles faced if any and strategies adopted to overcome: Students are counseled to celebrate their special days at orphanage homes.

Impact : Some students practiced this as habit

Best Practice 6. Beyond Campus - Swach Bharath

Context : Beaches are filled with thrown items and they are polluted

Objective: To join the “clean bleaches” campaign with students and faculty and participate in cleaning the beach on special days.

Practice: Join the beach sand cleaning campaign program

Obstacles faced if any and strategies adopted to overcome: Convinced the students on the importance of clean environment

Impact : Awareness created in the neighbourhood about keeping the beaches clean.

Best Practice 7 Green Initiatives 

Context : Develop clean and green environment

Objective: Clean the campus

Practice: Adopting the certain area and plants by the students

Obstacles faced if any and strategies adopted to overcome: Students finding difficult to find time to practice this habit. Faculty assisted in doing this activity

Impact : Campus is clean


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