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Catering to student diversity

Catering to student diversity

The college is striving hard to cater to the needs of student diversity.


Plan for differentiation to accommodate diverse learning needs and styles. Students are divided into slow and advanced learners based on their previous semester/board exam performance and mentor observations. Student centric activities of teaching learning are designed in such a way to provide opportunities for students to learn at their own pace and in ways that suit their individual strengths and preferences.

Activities for advanced learners

1. Visiting scientific laboratories- Dept of Nuclear Physics Andhra University- 4-03-2023

2. seminar presentation

3.Expert lectures on advanced topics

4. Reading current topics in news papers

5. students presentations on National and international days

Activities for slow learners

1. Question banks
2. Class notes
3. Remedial classes
4. Individual attention- mentoring
5. Home assignment

Instructional Strategies:

Choose instructional strategies that are effective for the content and learning objectives. Incorporate a variety of teaching methods such as lectures, discussions, group activities, hands-on experiments, projects, and multimedia presentations.

Integration of Technology:

Integrate technology into the curriculum to enhance learning experiences and facilitate digital literacy skills. Use educational software, online resources, interactive simulations, and collaborative tools to enrich the curriculum.


Slow-Advanced learners
ICT Presentations
Science Conference
Slow advanced learners activities 2022-23