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The college is having Memorandum of Understanding with industries, educational institutes, research laboratories and organizations for the benefit of students

MOU Documents New
MOU Documents
MOU Reports
3.5.1 MOU Victoria report change
3.5.1 MOU Hippo Cloud
3.5.1 Basket Ball MOU
3.5.1MOU with EXCELR
3.5.1 EXCELR activity report
Hippo Cloud Report Final
Prajapitha Report Final
Throwball Report Final
Basketball Report Final
IICT Report Final
Rajkamal Final Final
3.5.1 MOU sree software changed
3.5.1 MOU handball changed
3.5.1Crystal Management Services
3.5.1Crystal Management Services report
Net Ball Report Final
Victoria Report Final
Sree software Report Final
Rajkamal Report Final
We are with you Report Final
3.5.1Sree software solutions
3.5.1Sree software solutions report
Wow Report Final
Handball Report Final
Practical accounting Report Final
3.5.1 We are with You-Charitable
3.5.1 We are with You-Charitable report
ExcelR Report Final
Crystal Management Report
sgbs Report Final
3.5.1 Vizag Throwball Association
3.5.1Vizag netball Association
3.5.1 Vizag Handball Association
3.5.1 SGBS
3.5.1 SGBS report
3.5.1 Rajkamal report
3.5.1 Rajkamal
3.5.1 with Institute of Practical Accounting
3.5.1 with Institute of Practical Accounting report
3.5.1 IICTE report
3.5.1 IICTE
3.5.1 Victoria Hospital
3.5.1 Victoria Hospital report
3.5.1 Brahma Kumaris report
3.5.1 Brahma Kumaris MOU
St.Joseph's College MOU report
St.Joseph's College MOU
3.5.1 MOU with WoW
3.5.1 WoW Report