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Institutional distinctiveness

Institutional distinctiveness

The college creates a strong impact in the area of sports and atheletics. Our institute aimed to deliver an elite level sports performance utilizing the latest methods in the field of strength training, energy system development, and nutrition in order to enhance the athletic development of each student athlete and optimize the success of each team. The Sports Performance of the students is reflected in the achievement of national and international medals. The physical education department is striving hard to support academic and athletic success in every way possible with the help of college management. The present vice chairman and correspondent, Sri Adeep Bhanoji Row, is fond of sports and encouraged the students in all possible ways to achieve merit certificates while balancing their academic works. Students are advised to participate in any one of the extra curricular activities. (NCC, NSS, membership in literary and electoral clubs, student exchange, extension and outreach activities, sports and cultural events).  The participation of these activities is recorded. It is compulsory for the students to get due credit in the internal exams evaluation with these participations. This gives an impetus to the students in developing the sportsman spirit which is useful for the holistic development of the students.

The college has earned a distinct place among all affiliated colleges by encouraging the students to participate in National and international events like handball, football, throw ball, karate and adventure camps. The students have been awarded merit certificates in these events. G Gangadhar, III B Sc, 2019-22 batch, achieved the international Gold medal, held at Bangladesh, organized by International Federation of Target ball. Ch Lokesh, I B Com, 2022-25 batch, secured Gold medal in 100m run, held at Nepal. Many National and international medals are achieved in target ball and football. One of the students, Gosala Raju has achieved awards in the field of mountaineering. He reached the highest peak in the Mount Everest on 17 th May 2018 and was recognised as Andhra youngest mountaineer summit Mount Everest, by the Book of World Records. He reached Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, Africa, Uhuru peak, 5895m. The college has a good reputation among the public, officials and Government in the areas of sports and extension works.

Mrs A V N College observes the athletic programs have a long-standing cultural significance. They are often seen as a source of pride and identity for the institution, its students, alumni, and local community. Athletic programs can also be used to promote college spirit and foster a sense of belonging. They can provide an opportunity for students to develop leadership skills and learn how to work together as part of a team. The college gains recognition both nationally and internationally, which can lead to increased enrollment numbers and more financial support from donors.

Indoor stadium was constructed with the help of UGC funds. Badminton academy is developed with international standards. Professional competitions are held in this academy. Alumni and interested athletes are allowed to use this facility for optimum resource utilization. College appoints a Badminton coach, Radhakrishna, who is participating in international competitions. The college is using all the ways to excel in sports. 


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Institutional distinctiveness