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  • The College spreads over an area of nearly 45000 square meters (slightly more than eleven acres) and build area of 20000 square meters, with huge palatial main heritage administrative building in picturesque surroundings facing Bay of Bengal at heart of the City of Destiny, Visakhapatnam in East Coast of India in the State of Andhra Pradesh.


  • Laboratories and Associated Facilities: The College is having the best laboratories, which can satisfy the needs of a post graduate programme (even though ours is basically under graduate and intermediate college). All our laboratories are well equipped in terms of equipment and furniture.  These laboratories cater the needs of the students of School of Distance Education, Andhra University and Students of other colleges in addition to our college students. The laboratories of variuos departments are as follows:

Department of Physics, Electronics and Computer Science

  1. Physics: Five Separate Laboratories as follows:
    B.Sc. First Year, Practical I.
    B.Sc., Second Year, Practical II.
    B.Sc., Third Year, Practical III.
    B.Sc., Fourth Year, Practical IV.
    Intermediate (+2) Physics Laboratory.
  2. Electronics: Two Laboratories: A Separate Laboratory for three years B.Sc., with a small anti laboratory for microprocessors and micro controllers
  3. Computer Science: Two Laboratories: One for B.Sc., Computer Science and another for Career Oriented Certificate Course of Audio Video Film Making and Information and Computer Technology (ICT).

Computer Science Laboratories:

The above laboratories are the largest among the other in the college with sophisticated scientific instrumentation and state-of-the-art computer hardware. The department conducts regular seminars and workshops to give the students an opportunity to expose themselves to the ever changing scientific world.

Department of Chemistry

It consists of six different laboratories as follows:

  1. Final Year B.Sc., Practical III and Practical IV - 1 Laboratory.
  2. First Year B,Sc., Practical I and Second Year B.Sc., Practical II - 1 Laboratory.
  3. For Intermediate Chemistry - 3 laboratories.

Chemistry Lab:

The laboratories are spacious and well-equipped with modern apparatus like pH meters, Calorimeters, Electronic Balance, Incubators, Hot air ovens, Muffle furnace and Chromatography unit.

Department of Zoology

It consists of six different laboratories as follows:

  1. Final Year B.Sc., Practical III and Practical IV - 1 laboratory.
  2. Second Year B.Sc., Practical II - 1 laboratory.
  3. First Year B.Sc., Practical I - 1 laboratory.
  4. Intermediate Zoology - 1 Laboratory
  5. Museum - 1
  6. B.Sc., Fisheries Course - 1 Laboratory.

Zoology Lab:

The Zoology laboratory has a rare collection of over thousand specimens such as human skeletons, Dolphin skeletons, Elephant skull, Human brain, Human uterus, 6-8 months old Human fetus, Freaks of nature like five legged frog and many more. The laboratory is well furnished with microscopes, autoclaves, centrifuges, camera Lucida, epidiascopes, photographic equipment, rotary microtomes, de-ionisers, hemoglobin meters, water baths etc.

Department of Botany

It consists of three different laboratories as follows:

  1. For B.Sc. degree course - 2 laboratories
  2. For Intermediate course - 1 laboratory


The labs are well equipped and have a special library of its own including a collection of rare specimens of plants and plant products. The Botany lab has a collection of rare insectivorous plants such as Nepenthes, Utricularia, Drosera, Dionea which can trap and digest insects. It also houses rare Cactus plants, flowers and fruits, charts and mounts relating to various branches of Botany such as algae, fungi, etc. The botanical garden has rare gymnosperms like cycads and Araucria.

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

It has well laid out statistics computer laboratory supported by senior faculty and has a good library. The laboratory also takes up consultancy projects, which give the students an exposure to the industry.


Department of Commerce:

The lab is equipped with a number of computers and all other amenities. The lab is offering software training in accounting and banking to the students of B.Com. It is also offering training for B.Com Vocational Computers course.

Commerce Computer Lab:

A seperate computer laboratory is maintaining exclusively for Commerce Students which lets the students to practise MS-Office , Tally and other commerce subject related siftwares.

Sports Infrastructure

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