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Library Information Sciences

Library Information Sciences

Library and information sciences

Central Library Information Resources Centre

“Here is where people ,

One frequently finds,

Lower their voices

And raise their minds”


                                                                              -Light Armour 



The college  has a well-stocked library covering all domains of courses  The Library is completely automated with barcode for computerised circulation and OPAC. Soul 3.0 software is used in the library. The library provides access to all books, journals and news papers for faculty and students and staff.  The library has membership to INFLIBNET. All the students, faculty have access to digital sources of digital journals, books. 


Category Number
Books 77760
Journals 13
News Papers 4


The library itself is the oldest in the entire North Andhra Pradesh and is a bank of books more than 100 years olds. It also caters to the students with computer systems and internet facility. The library membership encompasses students, faculty members, teachers and is also  a rich source of information to visitors/guests. It has a collection of more than 77,760 books with some catered to the local vernacular. Dictionaries. Encyclopedias  and collections from around the world. INFLIBNET is in practice to effectively coordinate and augment the resources .The built up area is 5,656 Sq feet stacking reading materials reading halls, thesis section and periodical section


VISION : To address the curricular and information needs of the members for students regarding competition Examination, empowering reading by providing opportunity to utilize the services with thrusts on access to information resources and commitment of its staff for teaching learning resources and ethics


MISSION: To assist the students by producing better graduates and post Graduates and develop relative skills, ability to work in cross cultural environment. To support the faculty and students in pursuit of their information requirements by producing traditional libraries and necessary enabled services.


BASIC SERVICES :The library is open for the use of the members on all working days. Also extended time is provided during the examination time. For the convenience of the users the library has adopted the open access method.


PRINT RESOURCES : The library has a total collection of 77,760 of volumes. There are 110 Dictionaries’ in Greek, Latin, Aryan and Dravidian languages published in early 1900. It also has over 100 Encyclopedias , covering all subjects. The classification system has been done as per the Dewey Decimal classification Method.


DEVELOPMENT OF ELECTRONIC RESOURCES : To keep pace with the technological changes, the library associated itself with INFLIBNET  is implementing the UGC-N-LIST program. For providing the access to electronic journals on intranet remote access of  e-journals  are also possible and are also designing web OPAC.


SOUL :  Soul , the state of the art in management software is in use designed by INFLIBNET  it is of the best use as it has user friendly software which is simple and advanced.



Reference books section.

Bound volumes and journals section.

Technical and issue section.

Periodical section.

Classification section.

Circulation section.

Weed out section.


Circulation of documents.


Special collection section.


English, Telugu, Hindi, Literature section.


Internet and resources access loan section.


Reading and Book Bank section.


Maintenance of 8 department libraries.


Career guidance cell.





Details such as Title, Author publisher Edition, ISBN  etc can be extended once the information is saved and a record is generated Records can be added using online copy cataloging.The soul acquisition module provides a way for the library to record orders placed with vendors and manage purchase budgets. 


Library usage footfall
Mrs A V N College Book collections
Library Facilities 2