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Feedback Forms

Feedback Forms

Stake holders Feedback

Students, Teachers, Alumni, Parent and employer are the five important stakeholders to provide feedback on curriculum. The curriculum is choice based Credit system (CBCS). The curriculum is revised in the years of 2016 CBCS, 2020 CBCS and 2023 CBCS. The courses, under various programs are listed in the curriculum and curriculum framework. The stakeholders feedback is very important for any Education institution. Participation of Students plays an important role in internal and external quality assurance of the institution. Online/Offline feedback is collected from our students. A special 0 to 4 point scale feedback form on the Syllabus and Curriculum Evaluation. The formats are placed in the web page.Analysis and action taken report is available in the form of pdf. The feedback is analyzed and action taken report is placed in the governing body, IQAC meetings. The analysis and action taken report is forwarded to the affiliating University, Chairman, Board of studies.


Students Curriculum feedback

Level of Program  xxxxxx     Name of the   program xxxxxxx

Name  of the Student  xxxxxxxxx                                                      Course  Yearxxxx          Register No xxxxx

S NoQuestionStrongly agree 4Neutral 2Disagree 1Strongly disagree 0
1The syllabus   choice based?    
2The syllabus is convenient to learn    
3The syllabus offer academic flexibility    
4The syllabus includes all the core courses    
5The syllabus is skill oriented    
6The syllabus has scope for employability /entrepreneurship    
7The syllabus is research oriented    
8The syllabus is relevant to the level of the program (UG/PG/       M Phil)    
9The syllabus deals with innovative courses    
10The syllabus is globally relevant    
11The syllabus inculcates social responsibility    
12Does college environment supports curriculum    
 Any other observations:    

Signature of the student                                           Phone Number

Teachers Curriculum feedback

Level of Program xxxxxxxxxx   Name of the program xxxxxxx

Name of the Teacher xxxxxxx    Designation  xxxxxxx    Course xxxxxx Year xxxx

S NoQuestionStrongly agree 4Agree 3Neutral 2Disagree 1Strongly disagree 0
1Aim and objectives of the syllabus are well defined and clear to teacher and student     
2The syllabus cover modern and advanced topics     
3The course has good balance between theory and practical     
4Book facilities and other amenities like projectors, software,etc. Are available in the department     
5The contents challenging to teach     
6Program outcomes of the syllabi are well defined     
7Curriculum Having good academic flexibility     
8The courses content fulfill the need of the student     
9Syllabus contains necessary technical skills for the student to face the industry need     

Signature   xxxxxxxx                           Phone Number xxxxxx

Alumni Curriculum feedback

Name of the Alumni   xxxxxxx   Program  xxxxxx   Course xxxxx

Year xxxxxxx

S NoQuestionStrongly agree 4Agree 3Neutral 2Disagree 1Strongly disagree 0
1Course content is interesting     
2Course curriculum intellectually stimulate you     
3Courses curriculum fulfilling your expectations     
4Program help in developing your personality     
5Courses meet temporary requirement     
6material regarding curriculum is easily available     
7Syllabus enhances employability     

Signature   xxxxx               Phone Number xxxxxxxx

Employer Curriculum feedback

Name xxxxxxxxx   Company xxxxxxx  Program xxxxxxx   Course xxxxxxx

Year xxxxx

S NoQuestionStrongly agree 4Agree 3Neutral 2Disagree 1Strongly disagree 0
1Curriculum relevant for employability     
2Curriculum effective in developing innovative thinking     
3Syllabus effectively on the developing skill oriented human resources     
4Current syllabus is need based     
5Effectiveness of curriculum for development of entrepreneurship     

Signature         xxxxxxx    Phone Number  xxxxxxxx

Parents Curriculum feedback

Name   xxxx  Occupation  xxxxxxx   Program xxxxxxx   Course xxxxxx    Year xxxxxx

S NoQuestionStrongly agree 4Agree 3Neutral 2Disagree 1Strongly disagree 0
1The syllabus is skill oriented scope for employability/ enterpreneurship     
2The syllabus deals with innovative courses     
3The syllabus is globally relevant     
4The syllabus is value based     
5The syllabus initiates social responsibility     
6Does college environment supports curriculum     

Signature xxxxxxx                 Phone Number  xxxxxxx












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