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NAAC Certificates

NAAC Certificates


Peer Team Report 3rd cycle-Recommendations for Quality Enhancement of the Institution

The College has to do serious efforts to start PG Programmes.
Need to establish smart class rooms and enhance effective usage of ICT based teaching.

Encourage faculty to organize Seminars/Symposia/Workshops. Improving the qualifications of Teaching Staff as per UGCAPl norms.

Extension and outreach programmes to be extended to rural areas .

Strengthening of formal feedback mechanism from all stakeholders tor future planning and development.

Engagement of Spots Coaches, Construction of Synthetic Basket Ball Court will attract-students very much. It helps to make more
Promoting sports and cultural entrepreneurship orientation.

Formal establishment of industry-institute partnership cell with statutory consultancy rules to intensify consultancy activities and industry interaction

Encouragement of pro-active community based academic and extension programmes for students to nurture values and social responsibilities

Augmentation of in-depth research programmes through sponsored and industry-supported research and through UGC-SAPDST/DBT and related programmes/funding agencies the norms of NAAC & UGC respectively.


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