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Established systems and procedures Maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities  laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms etc.


Established Systems and Procedures: The College has a well established system & procedure for maintenance and utilization of available supporting facilities. The Principal discusses with the Planning and Evaluation Committee and presents a report regarding physical, academic and support facilities in the Governing Body for approval. The Correspondant is empowered to deal with all matters pertaining to the acquisition, up-keeping and disposal of campus infrastructure. An annual audit and inventory of the facilities is undertaken for assessment and evaluation. Maintenance of Physical Facilities  Maintenance of the physical facilities is done throughout the year and major repair works are carried out during summer vacation.  Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) is arranged for air-conditioners, generators, and other equipment.  Fire extinguishers and First Aid Kits are maintained regularly, and refilling is done before their date of expiry.  Cleaning and maintenance are done steadily through support staff.  The security of the campus is taken care of by the Outsourced Security Guards.

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