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Anti Ragging Committee

Anti Ragging Committee


 Objectives: To prevent any form of Ragging on and off Campus.  

Guidelines: The  College has constituted the Anti Ragging Cell to prevent any form of  ragging on and off the campus as per the directions of UGC. The Anti-Ragging cell is the Statutory Body  to ensure that Campus is free from any kind of Ragging.  

The following actions come under the purview of Ragging: ∙ 

Any act that violates the Fundamental Right guaranteed by the Indian constitution. 

Any act of abuse by spoken words, emails, SMS, public insult or through  Social Media Platforms  

Any act of molesting or any unlawful conspiracy or assembly with  intention for ragging.  

Any act of indiscipline on the College campus. 

Teasing or behaving in rude and threatening manner. 

Acts that disrupts the regular academic, co-curricular and extracurricular  activities of the college. 

Acts of creating hardship, physical or mental stress or fear, which disturbs the learning atmosphere for the students. 

Financial extortion or forceful expenditure from students.  

Any act of physical abuse or assault causing harm or danger to life and  health.


To disseminate information against indulging in any kind of ragging  

To organize awareness Programmes on gender equity, human rights and dignity, moral and ethical values. 

To examine the complaints lodged by the students on any kind of Ragging and to conduct an enquiry in this regard. 

To formulate strategies to prevent and discourage menace of Ragging  on and off the campus. 

Receive complaints on any matters related to Ragging. 

Conduct enquiry in accordance with the guidelines laid down by the UGC. 

Recommends actions to be initiated against the culprits 

Procedure :The Anti-Ragging Cell will follow the following procedure. 

∙ Receive the complaints in writing from the concerned students. 

∙ Examine the matter in detail on the basis of available documents. 

∙ Recommend to the Principal to initiate disciplinary action against the culprit. 

Punishments : Any student found guilty of Ragging on College Campus is liable to one  or more of the following punishments 

Suspension from the College. 

Compulsory Transfer Certificate. 

The Anti Ragging Committee works as the Discipline Committee of the  College 

∙ The Anti Ragging Committee also functions as the Discipline  Committee of the College as it sets the tone for maintenance of  discipline on the College campus and ensures congenial academic  atmosphere in the College. 

∙ The Committee is also authorized to look into the complaints  relating to the breach of discipline, students’ disturbances, unlawful  activities disturbing the peaceful functioning of the College, and  other forms of indiscipline among the students.  

∙ The Committee is empowered to conduct enquiry on the matters of  student’s indiscipline and suggest appropriate punitive and  corrective measures. 


Sl.No Name of the Member Designation
1M Simhadrinaidu, Vice-Principal & Assistant  Professor of StatisticsChairman
Sri G Yeshayya ,Assistant  Professor of EconomicsMember
3J V S S Kumar , Assistant professor  Department of HindiMember
4Smt P Krishnakumari, Assistant Professor of Chemistry  Member
5Sri. J Ramarao ,Assistant Professor of  Political ScienceMember
6Sri Gopikrishna Physical Director Member

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