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RESEARCH Journal Papers

RESEARCH Journal Papers

Basically under Graduate College and primary duty is TEACHING. However the college is having nearly fifty faculty members having doctorate (Ph.D) degrees and they are associated with different agencies with respect their research pursuit.

The college is now planning for a full fledged recognized research center of Andhra University Visakhapatnam and the same will be materialized shortly.

The Composition is as follows:

  1. Sri M Simhadrinaidu, Chairman and Principal
  2. Dr G Sankaranarayana Coordinator
  3. Dr B Sureshbabu, Faculty of Commerce
  4. Dr. A.Archana, Faculty of Zoology
  5. Smt P Krishnakumari, Faculty of Chemistry
  6. Sri P Gandhi, Faculty of Statistics

The institute faculty members published patents. Prof N. Ramakrishna published Research Journal papers and patents patents 

Journal papers


  1. Modelling the structural and reactivity landscapes of tucatinib with special reference to its
    wavefunction-dependent properties and screening for potential antiviral activity, Dr  Siriki Srinivasa Rao, Journal of molecular modeling,
  2. First-Principle Studies of Istradefylline with Emphasis on the Stability, Reactivity, Interactions and Wavefunction-Dependent Properties, Dr  Siriki Srinivasa Rao,
  3. PM2.5/PM10 ratio characteristics over urban sites of India, Dr  Siriki Srinivasa Rao, 
  4. Dr S Srinivasarao,
  5.  Glacial–interglacial contrasts revealed by n-alkanes in sediments of the Equatorial Indian Ocean during the last 300,000 years,  Glacial–interglacial contrasts revealed by n-alkanes in sediments of the Equatorial Indian Ocean. Dr  V V J Gopalakrishna,
  6. AUTOMATIC NATURAL LIGHT INTENSITY CONTROL IN ROOM THROUGH SMART WINDOW- In the field of Engineering and technology-filed 11-12-2020-published on 5.02.2021.  Dr C S Rao,
  7. Lead-induced effects on hematological parameters and red cell indices of Cirrhinus mrigala (Hamilton, 1822) and Ctenopharyngodon idella (Steindachner, 1866), Mamatha Chalasani,

Patents Published

  1.  MEDICAL PLUGS TO TRACK HEALTH USING ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND IOT-In the field of Engineering and technology-filed 19-03-2021-published on 14.05.2021.


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